Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Aboard
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – For The Love Of My Man
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
Steely Dan – Black Cow
Eddie Kendricks – Trust Your Heart
Linda Williams – No Love No Where Without You
Inner Life – Make It Last Forever
Walter Jackson – Let Me Come Back
Bobby Cutchin – Leaving
Wee – I Love You
Blackjoy – Love
Lemelle – You Got Something Special
Special Delivery – This Kind Of Love
Windjammer – Tossing And Turning
France Joli – Your Good Loving
Karen Silver – Nobody Else
Toga – It’s A Love Song
Hi-Gloss – I’m Totally Yours
Jaisun – Keepin It To Myself
Invisible Mans Band – Love Can’t Come Love Has Come
Johnny Hammond – Los Conquistadores Chocolates
Barbara St Clair – Teacherman
Ecstacy Passion & Pain – Ask Me
Gold – What About The Child
The Dells – All About The Paper

Available to download for a short time here.