Questions, Questions, Questions #15 – Euan Fryer

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If you’ve listened to the show on a regular basis you’ve probably heard me play records on the Soul 7, Soul Spectrum and Athens Of The North labels.
The man behind these labels is none other than Mr Euan Fryer.
A busy man indeed unearthing the gems that regularly sell out within days and show up on Discogs for three times the original price in a mater of weeks.

Euan was kind enough to spare a few minutes to answer our ‘questions, questions, questions:

Favourite Disco record?: Sylvester – Over & Over

Favourite Not Disco record?: Impossible, I have multiple favourites in every genre.

Top 3 of the moment: Hampshire & Foat – Galaxies Like Grains of Sand (Athens of the North Test) / Presto – (LU MU) Norwegian Religious Bossa / Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Copeland Keyboard Fantasies (Invisible City Editions)

Favourite ever DJ?: Theo Parrish, he takes risks and when they pay off it hits the spot for me.

Weirdest place you’ve ever DJed?: A Funeral.